Where to add banking details to receive payments

StylzMag partners with Stripe for secure payments.

We use Stripe to make sure you get paid on time and to keep your personal bank and details secure. After registration, you will need to set up and verify your free Stripe Connect account for receiving payments. You can start this process from your seller dashboard. 

After you log in, on your dashboard:

  • Click on ‘Payments and billing’

  • Scroll to ‘Payment Information’

  •  Select your country (GB for UK) before clicking the submit button. Your email address will be auto filled. 

Stripe 2


  • After confirming, click the link that appears (as illustrated below) 


  • After you click the link,  the  screen below will appear. You will need to add your contact number  so you can receive a code by text to verify your contact number. Select your country (GB for UK) before adding your number. You will need to confirm your email address once more before clicking ‘Next’ and completing the process with Stripe.