How to set up your booking calendar – Directory appointments

You will need to set up your calendar and add important information including your SMS notifications, working hours and booking terms and conditions before people can book appointments with you.

To set up your ‘SMS notifications’ please log in to your directory account and scroll down to the  ‘Booking menu’ tab.


Scroll down the ‘booking menu’ to the ‘SMS notification’ tab.


  • Enter a mobile number for SMS appointment updates.


Once you have inputted the information above, you can set your ‘working hours’.

Setting your working hours will enable you to choose which times your appointments can be booked. You can edit and change your working hours as often as needed.

To set your working hours scroll down the ‘booking menu’ to the ‘working hours’ tab.


Click the ‘+Add Hours’ button to add new hours. Input your new hours and save. 

add new hours form


To edit your current hours, click the pen icon. To delete, click the red minus icon. 


You can choose to set your hours for short, mid or long term by selecting the relevant box below. 

set hour duration


Please add your appointment location and terms and conditions. Please ensure you add all the necessary information to your booking terms and conditions.


Once completing these you can add your services to allow customers to book with you.

To add a new service to your booking page,  please click the ‘Services’ option in the ‘Booking menu’ tab.


Follow the on screen instructions and add all of the required information.

Select your category service, add your service name and add as much information as possible.


setting new appointments


After you have added the service information, please confirm booking options and terms below and then click submit. 

Please note the deposits and payments for cancelled appointments are still subject to a 2% payment processing fee.


You will need to set your booking link url.