How to set up/edit your directory profile

To set up/edit your directory profile scroll down the main menu to the ‘edit profile’ tab.

  • Click the ‘summary’ tab.


Enter your business information in the summary section.

Before your directory profile can be viewed by others on the platform, it must include a profile image, service name, location information, service summary and profession details.

In the summary section you can do the following:

  1. Upload your logo (compulsory)
  2. Enter your business name (compulsory)
  3. Enter your UK postcode (optional)
  4. Enter your general location (compulsory)
  5. Write a summary of the services you offer (compulsory)

Add your service details 

  • Please scroll down the page to ‘service details’ section.
  • Select the services and options that are relevant to your business.


Upload gallery images 

  • Please scroll down the page to the ‘images’ section.
  • To add images, click the ‘choose files’ button, select your image and then click ‘upload’.
  • Repeat for the desired number of images.
  • Images must be image files only and can be no larger than 5MB.

Contact details 

  • Please scroll down the page to ‘contact’.
  • Enter your contact details


Opening hours 

If you would like to display opening hours you can add them to your profile. If you do not add any this section will not be visible on your profile.

To add opening hours:

  • Please scroll down the page to ‘opening hours’
  • Enter your opening and closing hours for your business/service and click save changes.


Adding service prices  or appointments 

On the bronze directory plan you can add service prices to your profile. This information is optional but we recommend adding at least three service prices to your profile.

To add service prices:

  • Please click the ‘edit profile’ menu and select the ‘prices’ tab.


  • Click the ‘add new’ button.


  • Add your service information

  • Click the ‘save’ button after you have added all your information. Repeat the process to add more prices.


If you have a silver or Gold plan you are able to set up bookable appointments. To set up your appointments please save your profile then click the link for more info


Edit /update information 

To edit any information, scroll to the section you wish to edit and enter the correct details.

Once all information is correct, scroll down the bottom of the page and click the save changes button to update your information.