About StylzMag

What services does StylzMag offer?

StylzMag is a cultural fashion, hair and beauty platform. The StylzMag service offer includes a directory of culturally diverse tailors and hair and beauty service providers. You can contact them directly or book appointments through the platform where applicable. Other services provided include the StylzMag marketplace, where you can buy products from independent sellers, a…

How to use the StylzMag interactive gallery?

Some gallery images are interactive and link to the service providers who created the look or to the item on the StylzMag Marketplace so you can purchase it. Interactive images are marked.

What is the StylzMag special offers board?

On the SylzMag offers board, you will find free or reduced-price hair and beauty treatments and tailoring services. Everybody has to start somewhere, so please bear in mind that some of these free and reduced-price treatments are from people who need to build their portfolio.

What is the StylzMag job board?

On the StylzMag job board, you can browse and apply for fashion tailoring, hair and beauty work wherever you are in the world. If you need a specific service for a group booking, you can post it on the job board for free and let the fashion, hair and beauty service providers get in touch…